Celebrating Black History Month

Updated: Feb 2

February is Black History Month, one of the most celebrated cultural heritage months on the calendar. It's a time we recognize the immense contributions made by the heroes and heroins of American history. We're celebrating historical figures and honoring influential Black voices of both the past and present.

As we celebrate influential and historical black figures, there's no better time to support our Black-owned small businesses. If you're looking to support local businesses in Los Angeles, we've gathered a few of our favorites below.

Reparations Club

Rep Club is a concept bookstore and creative space in Los Angeles. Black and woman-owned, the shop offers a wide range of authors and literary genres, as well as an essential gathering spot for the local Black community.

Obet & Del's

Serving up so much more than your daily caffeine fix, Obet and Del's is a Black-owned coffee shop. The vibrant and retro 70s-themed store located in the heart of Thai town offers small-batch, organic coffee.

To truly reflect and celebrate Black heritage, we're turning to some of the most brilliant African American writers and thinkers. Their books highlight both the struggle and triumph of the Black experience.

Well-Read Black Girl, by Glory Edim

This inspiring collection of essays highlights the importance of recognizing ourselves in literature, no matter our race, religion, gender or abilities. The author, Edim has created a space where Black women's knowledge and life experiences are lifted up, and shared with all readers who value the power of a story to help us understand ourselves and the world.

I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, By Maya Angelou

Angelou's autobiography of her childhood is a heart-warming story triumph and self-empowerment against all odds. The coming-of-age story illustrates how the strength of a character and a love for literature can help over racism and trauma.


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