Women's History Month

Updated: Mar 2

March is Women's History Month! It's an opportunity to celebrate strong women and the organizations that support and advocate for them. We're highlighting the contributions and achievements of influential women that have shaped both history and modern society today.

"Wherever women gather together, failure is impossible." - Susan B. Anthony

This month and beyond, we're supporting local women-owned small businesses in Los Angeles.

If you're looking to celebrate and support women both today and all month long, here are a few of our favorite unique shops.

Still Life Ceramics

Brought together by their passion for craft, Ana and Mel founded Still Life Ceramics, a studio creating functional ceramic art for everyday life. The studio offers unique handmade ceramics you can purchase, and also clay classes for beginners to make their own ceramic piece!

Tappan Collective

Launched by Chelsea Neman Nassib, Tappan Collective is an online art gallery that supports and connects emerging artists with art collectors around the world. Tappan offers an easy way to discover great new artists from the comfort of your own home, while also allowing you to add your own personal art collection.


Both a boutique and zero-waste general store, Otherwild was opened by graphic designer Rachel Berks in Los Feliz. You'll find unique pieces that are sustainably and ethically made from artists and designers.