Celebrating World Art Day

World Art Day is celebrated every year on April 15th to promote creativity worldwide. It's a world-wide celebration of artists and their profound work that inspires and enriches.

"Art nurtures creativity, innovation and cultural diversity for all peoples across the globe and plays an important role in sharing knowledge and encouraging curiosity and dialogue."

This year, in honor of World Art Day, the International Association of Art will host a month-long exhibition of five Los Angeles artists at Gloria Delson Contemporary Arts. The exhibition, "On The Edge" will be open to the public through the end of the month, so make sure to swing by!

Los Angeles has always been a magnet for creative artists and home to some of the most inspiring and ambitious art galleries. Here are a few galleries and museums you can visit in celebration of World Art Day this year.

Hauser & Wirth

World-known contemporary and modern art gallery, Hauser & Wirth curates a wide range of work throughout its indoor and outdoor areas. Showcasing the works of both established artists and newcomers alike, the gallery fosters a passion for contemporary art, nature and architecture within the community.


LAXART is a nonprofit visual art space that promotes contemporary culture through exhibitions, publications and public programs. Contemporary art is "a means of understanding key issues of our time with all their inherent contradictions." All programs offered by LAXART are free and accessible to the general public.


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