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Updated: Oct 26

If the mood of fall / winter 2022 fashion trends can be summed up in one word, it would be 'nostalgia'. Though nostalgia can be defined in many different ways, depending on your age and interests, the overarching feeling of simpler, happier times has been incorporated into fashion trends of the season.

The Y2K trend is ongoing for another season. Throughout the season, we expect to continue to see low waistlines and trousers, along with simple vests. Maxi skirts are also continuing into the season, especially slimmer-cut styles.

Oversized blazers have been trending for a while and appear to be prominent this season as well. The trend for oversized silhouettes can be matched with slouchy trousers or bottoms for a complete chic outfit.

We're adding more business attire and workwear to our wardrobe this season. Elevate your outfit by styling a sleek, minimal blazer with a feminine skirt. Or throw on a suit set for an instantly polished look.


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