From Comfy to Chic

We have been prioritizing comfort when it comes to our wardrobe, and opting for loungewear and athleisure outfits for the past year or so. Clothing pieces, such as knitwear and sweaters, are great for wearing at home, but these pieces can also be integrated into our going-out wardrobe.

We've gathered a few ways to style your favorite comfy pieces for an effortlessly chic look.

Knit and silk is an ideal combination. Ribbed knits in a longer bodycon silhouette deliver an effortlessly chic look when styled with a pair of silk pants. Complete the look with your favorite strappy heels.

A done-in-one piece of clothing, a sweater dress can be worn as-is to look good with minimal effort, but accessorizing it can elevate the look in many ways. Style your knit dress with a chic belt, statement earrings and a pair of heels, and you're ready for a day out!

Contrast your chunky knit sweater with the feminine silhouette of a slip dress. Opt for a tonal outfit by pairing a light beige sweater with a darker beige slip skirt, or try out a brighter ensemble by pairing two bright colored pieces together. Finish the look with a pair of mules.


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