Hiking Trails in Los Angeles

Updated: Jan 26

When it comes to maintaining our wellness and well-being, one of our favorite things is to be outside and experiencing nature. Living in Los Angeles allows us an easy escape to some of the best hiking trails. If you're looking to spend more time outdoors, while focusing on your physical and mental wellness, lace up your hiking boots and hit these trails with us!

Corral Canyon

Known for its breathtaking ocean view, Corral Canyon in Malibu is a perfect combination of mountain and ocean. The descent towards the ocean has sweeping views of Malibu beaches all the way to Point Dume.

Echo Mountain

"A quiet refuge from people and wild life forever" is a sign at the entrance of the Sam Merrill Trail. Featuring bright wild flowers and amazing views of Echo Mountain, the trail overlooks all of the city of Pasadena.

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