Mother's Day is Just Around the Corner!

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Mother's Day is less than two weeks away! It's the perfect opportunity to show appreciation to the special woman in your life. A gift isn't necessary and you can always show your love in other ways, such as with a phone call or a thoughtful card. But if you're interested in sending your mom a little something, here's a few things below worth noting!



Clippers or scissors

Floral tape



Baby's Breath flowers

Foliage/ Greenery

Step 1

Fill your vase with water, a little over half way. Then create a foundation with the foliage, intertwining the stems in the vase. Use a variety of greenery to add different textures. Feel free to use your clear tape to keep the stems in place against the vase.

Step 2

Trim each of your flowers' stems to your desired length. Make sure to remove all leaves on the stem that are below the waterline in the vase.

Step 3

Begin adding the flowers, starting with larger statement blooms. Add dimension to your arrangement by trimming the stems to different heights.

Step 4

Once your large blooms are in place, add in the taller, stalkier stems to build out the shape of the arrangement.

Step 5

Finally add the Baby's Breath flowers and any other smaller blooms to fill any noticeable gaps. Make sure to fill out the overall shape of the arrangement!