Summer Trends

Updated: Jun 15

Summer is in the air! The official first day of summer starts on June 21st, which is just a few days away. Now that the weather is getting warmer, summer outfits are on our minds. And we're giving our wardrobe a fresh feel and look this season - starting with our favorite standout trends.

Mini Hemlines

Minis are definitely having a major moment this season. Style a mini skirt with an oversized top for trendy fashion-forward fit.

  1. Morgan Mini Skirt

  2. St. Barths Emerald Jacquard Mini Skirt

  3. Margot Skirt

Matching Sets

Though they've been around for the past seasons, we always love a zero-effort outfit. We're adding more matching shirt and short sets to our wardrobe for a chic look.

  1. Jacquard Satin Button Up Blouse

  2. Satin Jacquard Shorts

  3. Fez Set

Relaxed Pants

Opt for more relaxed and loose trousers this summer that can be easily styled with any top in your wardrobe. They're not only trendy, but also effortlessly elegant.

  1. Wide Leg Linen Blend Pants

  2. Suzanne Wide Leg Linen Trouser

  3. Linen Blend Track Trousers


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