The Process of Editorial Booking

When it comes to editorial, there are several styles and formats that we provide for both photography and videography. From the beginning to end, we make sure we are producing content that is consistent with the brand's imagery. Now that you know what the model casting and booking process is like, here is some information to help you understand the entire process of booking an editorial.

The first step with any booking is to consult with the brand to make sure we're on the same page in regards to the desired style, tone and direction. This can be done either via phone, email, or now through our virtual meetings. Along with understanding the brand's imagery, we confirm the budget of both the model and location. We put together for the brand a mood board with inspirational images that can be used as ideas for the editorial. With all this information in mind, we then start scouting for the model and location.

Once the model and location are confirmed by the brand, we finalize the contract that encloses all details of the editorial. When the contract is signed and returned, along with the deposit, we create a call sheet that is sent to all participants of the shoot. The call sheet includes all information of the editorial, including the date, time and makeup/hair styles.

Why Is Branding So Important?

In such a competitive landscape, such as the fashion industry, if your brand does not leave a memorable impression, customer retention may be difficult to increase or even maintain. In order for a brand to stand out among so many others, it must have a consistent style that customers can recognize over time.

Not only with editorial, but also with e-commerce and social media content, it's about how everything weaves in together to create a desired brand imagery. Once a consistent brand imagery is established across all content, brand identity is created. Having that brand identity that your customers can recognize will create more value.


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