The Process of Model Casting and Booking

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

From Casting to Booking

When it comes to booking a model for a photo shoot, there are steps taken to ensure the right model is booked to fit the brand's distinctive imagery. We wanted to share the steps of the model casting and booking process, so when you book your next shoot, you'll know exactly what goes on.

Prior to booking a shoot, we first have a consultation with the client either via phone or email. During this time, we gather information about the brand, including its imagery and overall tone. We find out the path of direction the brand wishes to take, and may suggest a particular style. From here, we then create a mood board, which visually showcases all of the information we have gathered about the brand and any inspirational images.

With the brand's budget in mind, we start model scouting based on the brand's mood and criteria, i.e. models for a denim brand. Once we find a few models, we bring them into our studio for casting. Once the models come in for casting, we take their photos and videos, making sure to capture multiple sides and various angles. We check for movement and overall vibe in order to ensure she is a good fit for the brand. We then send to the brand a couple photos of certain models that we think they will like. From there, we choose which model to go with, based on availability, budget and compatibility, then confirm the booking.

Diversity and Inclusion in Fashion

Over the past years, important conversations have been ongoing around the topic of diversity and inclusion in the fashion industry. And there have been increasing efforts across the industry to include more racially diverse models. With the changing landscape, there's now a bigger push for diversity and inclusion in casting and photo shoots.

"We now live in a time where brands no longer lead people, people lead brands."

Fashion stylist, Katherine Mateo, believes younger generations are constantly challenging society's monotone ideas of race and ethnicity. According to Mateo, if they don't see themselves in a brand's story, they simply won't give them their money.

A truly progressive brand consistently incorporates diversity in all aspects of its creative process. By choosing ethnically diverse models, brands can create a more accepting and inclusive environment. We believe it's the responsibility of brands and everyone in the fashion industry to work towards creating an industry that accurately depicts society.


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