Shopping Vintage

Upcycled, reclaimed fashion has opened up a new sense of individuality and creativity, while also contributing to sustainability. As general awareness for sustainability grows, there has been a change in attitude towards purchasing and wearing secondhand vintage clothing.

"Vintage speaks to what's happening right now."

We're becoming more aware of the impact of our choices on the environment and the importance of limiting the resources we take out of the planet. Simply put, it's making the most of what we already have.

Vintage clothing pieces are increasingly growing in popularity. When it comes to fashion, people are striving for more individuality in their styling and garments. Retro clothing allows us to enhance our self-expression and creativity. By complementing our favorite vintage clothing with the right modern pieces, we're able to create that perfect combination.

Founders of A Virtual Vintage Market, Emily Sturgess and Georgie Roberton, share how Instagram has become "a real treasure trove of vintage" and a great platform to reach customers form all around the world, from Los Angeles to Hong Kong.

Below are a few of our personal favorite Instagram accounts that feature some of the best vintage pieces. These online shops sell curated and reworked vintage items, including hand-blended fragrances and hand-picked jewelry.


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