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About Us

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W Studio is a Los Angeles based fashion photo studio specializing in editorial and digital photography. Our objective is to provide clients with high quality images to increase e-commerce traffic and establish brand consistency.

Photography is essential to any successful apparel brand. Quality photos optimize e-commerce sales and develop a level of brand credibility. However, for brands working with a limited budget, the cost of doing it right often leaves brands taking the DIY approach, which may result in inconsistent, lower quality images.  


When it comes to online shopping, customers want to ensure the product matches their expectations, when it comes to the colors, sizes or styles. High quality product photos — from multiple angles — help fulfill customer expectations by providing them with the specific information they're looking for. 

At W Studio, we focus on providing high quality photos that enhance the aesthetics and traffic on your online platforms at an affordable price. For more information regarding the photography services we offer, please contact


WEVA is our creative boutique offering clients videography services and a one-stop hub for all social media relations and customer engagement. Specializing in the visual, digital and social communication of brands, WEVA is a team of content creators and story tellers.

We extend our scope beyond the traditional realm of photography, allowing for an inclusive approach to brand building. Our goal is to use creative direction to amplify the voice of your brand. We aim to create a powerful strategy that works specifically for your brand in order to enhance online presence on both e-commerce and social media platforms.

Customers respond well to high quality product images; however, they respond better to video content that is more immersive.  Review our Video Guidebook for an outline of our videography production process.

In the ever-evolving world of fashion, incorporating social media along with photo and video content is necessary in helping your brand stay relevant in the competitive landscape. Our social media services include creative shots, media clips, and behind-the-scenes, which allow you to maximize the usage of your creative content to the fullest extent. The difference between an in-house team and a specialized creative team is that we have a scheduled strategy of producing consistent and coherent content for a brand.

For more details regarding our videography or social media services, please contact

Core Values


We perceive what needs to be done and take action to complete it. We're constantly challenging prevailing assumptions and suggesting better approaches to create new ideas that prove useful.


We inspire others with our desire for excellence and care intensely for our W Studio team. We are tenacious in our roles and celebrate all our wins because we know how hard we worked for them.


We seek what is best for W Studio rather than what’s best for our individual selves. We make time to help our team members, and share any advices openly and proactively.


Our community is at the core of everything we do. We listen to what they say and use the feedback to make decisions that are best for our clients and audience.


Building great things means taking bold risks. We’re big believers of the idea that if we’re not failing, we’re not trying hard enough. We learn from our mistakes by reflecting on what could be improved, and learn from each other through open, honest and kind communication. There’s no such things as failures, only opportunities for growth.

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