How do I make a Reservation?

Register your e-mail/password & Contact us to access the [SERVICES] page, which includes more details about pricing, package deals, and other services offered. After membership verification, you will be granted access to view our [SCHEDULE][BOOK ONLINE] 


Please book  2-3 days in advance to secure the earliest photo shoot date available.

*We do our best to respond to all queries within 1-2 hours upon the time we receive your e-mail, and sometimes it takes us a bit longer.  Our first priority is you, so we appreciate your patience. 


How does Pick-up/Drop-off service work?

Pick-Up / Drop-off service is now offered in Zip Codes of 90021 & 90015, no exceptions.

Please have products on individual hangers, photo shoot ready.

  1. Pick-Up/Drop-off must be requested upon reservation. All samples are dropped-off the morning after the shoot date, unless the following day falls on a weekend.

  2. Please have the agreed amount of samples ready by 9AM, the morning of.

  3. If samples are not ready in time for pick-up service, you must drop-off to the studio by agreed time-frame.


When do I make payment? When do I have access to my photos?

When to pay:

  1. At the time of drop-off service or mailed-in.

  2. Dropped off to our office. 

 Please make your check payable to: STUDIO W

Once payment is received, you will have immediate access to your photos on the [VENDORS PAGE] with the provided access code.


When do I have access to my photos?   

Photos are usually ready in 24 hours upon the photo shoot date & time.

All product photos are ready within 2 business days from the day of the photo shoot.  Services such as Editorial Lookbooks & Event/Session Photography may take up to 3-4 business days. 

What if I mailed-in my payment?

If payment is mailed-in, we will not be able to provide access to your photos until payment is received; therefore, we highly recommend to pay at the time of pick-up service or dropped-off to our studio as listed above.


What is the Cancellation & Over Booking Policy?

Please note that cancellation fee will take in effect:

  1. With Confirmed Model bookings, any cancellation within 3 days (72 hours) of shoot: HALF Model fee.  Cancellations made 48 hours before shoot: FULL Model fee + Total No. of Styles.

  2. If you decide to CANCEL or OVER BOOK (less styles than originally agreed) styles, there will be a 25% fee of the overall difference from the ORIGINAL COST.


What is the Cancellation policy for Look Book Reservations?

  1. A Deposit is required prior to your Look Book Bookings (Quotes vary depending on model & location).  Deposit is Required to secure the requested model & location for the photo shoot date. 

  2. Cancellations made 72 hours of shoot: HALF the deposit will be refunded. Cancellations made 48 hours before shoot: FULL deposit will be non-refundable.  Please do not hesitate to CONTACT US with any further questions or concerns.