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Editorial Photography

Rather than an in-studio or mannequin photo look book, an editorial look book is more engaging with its story-telling elements. Editorial photography illustrates a particular imagery or concept specific to the brand while focusing on garment and fabric details. Visit our portfolio below.

Editorial Guide


1. Concept

We work together with our client to develop a concept that caters to their brand’s imagery. We discuss the goals and direction of the photo shoot, as well as details of what the client wants.  


2. Design + Style

Based on the imagery and concept previously discussed, we ask the client to send us a mood board using any inspiration and reference images. We then help refine the mood board to ensure it depicts brand's distinctive direction. 

3. Props

We source all requested props and provide rentals for the shoot, including the custom backdrops, chairs, rugs, florals, accessories, etc.


4. Pre-Production + Logistics

We scout the model, location, hair + makeup artist all while keeping the client’s budget in mind. We handle all vendor and agency coordination and logistics. We then create the prop list, shot list, and put together the call sheet.


5. Production on Set

We bring together all props and elements on set, then manage overall creative direction and logistics. We make sure all of the client’s styling requests are met.


6. Post-Production

All photography and/or videography are thoroughly reviewed, edited, and delivered to the client within the noted time frame.

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